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Contract Bridge


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Everything on sale at huge reductions.


Check the pricelist for details.





Books and Software

Please download the price list for details of the large range of bridge books and software. You will find the top - selling Jack 6, as well as Bridge Baron 25 computer games. These are the highest quality games on sale anywhere and will provide hundreds of hours of fun and challenging play.

Trying to be a better player? There are books and software covering most aspects of the game - declarer play, defence, bidding and more.

Enjoy a challenge? A book of problems might suit you, or how about the Bridge Master 2000 software to test your declarer skills?

Price List

Please download our contract bridge pricelist in .pdf format.

Orders and Enquiries

Please use the links at top.

I can email the pricelist or any information

If you would like to receive the price list or any information please email sales@johnhardy.com.au .









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