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Go, Baduk, Weichi


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Books and Software

There is still a huge range of go books and a few go sets. There are books from Kiseido, Slate and Shell and other publishers, including some out of print items, and a range of budget and high quality boards, stones and bowls.

Trying to be a better player? There are books to suit all levels of player, from rank beginner up to solid dan players.

Enjoy a challenge? A book of problems might suit you, and there are many choices based on types of problem - opening, life and death, middle game etc.

Latest Products and News

Prices have been reduced on many products, however postage is extra on all items.

I have a large quantity and range of old Go World magazines, at very good prices. These are a fantastic way to catch up on go history, and also improve your game. Contact me with any particular requests.

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